Why do I do these things?!

The sickness that has been plaguing me since late Tuesday still has not subsided. Every once in a while I can talk without my voice breaking and I’m like, “Oh, that’s what I used to sound like.” And I don’t know why this is, but I feel like when you get sick you repeatedly do the things that hurt the most: blow your nose, even though it’s red and sore. Clear your throat. Swallow. Cough. And it all hurts. And you just. Keep. Doing. Them.

In short, being sick totally blows.

In the meantime, I’ve been spending my after-work hours watching Netflix documentary after Netflix documentary about vegetarianism and veganism. I think I’ve watched three so far, and am now on my fourth. It’s called “Vegucated,” and it’s irritating me the most so far. Of course, this is the one that’s the most “hard-hitting,” showing animal farms and cruelty, etc. So when I sit down to eat my macaroni and cheese (yes, I know, mac and cheese… I thought I had more soup, I don’t WHATEVER moving on…) and I’m still watching this thing and I take the first luscious bite of milk and butter and processed cheese and all I can think is SLAUGHTER!!!! and I have to put it down…

Well, it makes me sad.

I mean, wouldn’t you be if YOU had to miss out on macaroni and cheese all because you’ve been force feeding your brain plant-friendly documentaries for five days….?

I need more tea. Tea won’t clog my arteries. Tea won’t kill Babe.

eehhhhhhhh fuck my life.

Gnight, y’all.

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4 thoughts on “Why do I do these things?!

  1. Katie says:

    😦 what’s left when Mac and Cheese is out?

  2. S. L. says:

    Watch the Ziggy Stardust documentary instead. 😉

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