The handshake.

It seems that in the professional world I’ve been shaking hands a lot lately. In doing so, I’ve realized something – and it’s irksome.

I appreciate a good handshake. And most of the people I’ve interacted with over the past week are so lame at it, it makes me sad.

So much so that I’ve been going around to people I know and saying, “Shake my hand!” and they all look at me like I’m dumb and crazy (… which isn’t so far off…). But my point is that you can tell SO MUCH from a handshake. And if I’m not impressed by yours, chances are I won’t be impressed by you.

Is this a thing? Am I being too mean? Have studies been done to show that I am right?

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5 thoughts on “The handshake.

  1. Hannah says:

    Ugh nothing is worse than that cold clammy dead fish handshake I get sometimes. Man up and get a grip! 😉

  2. Katie says:

    I think there are studies–let me check. Yep. Here’s the one I remember from a class I took on “purposeful communication”:

    All that crap aside, I only care about one thing. When I meet a man, business or social, it comes down to this one thing. Don’t hurt my hand you Neanderthal freak! Why do those jerks, and it’s always the jerks, have to squeeze so hard my rings dig into my finders?!? Do they take some kind of sick pride from that?

    So, no, you are not being too mean. As long as you don’t kick them in the shin.

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