The Write Stuff.

I feel like, lately, I’ve been losing time. I can’t tell you what I did last week and by Thursday, today will be a blur.

I haven’t been making any significant changes. I haven’t even been making insignificant ones. I just am.

I am stagnant.

But more than that, I am becoming increasingly aware of my resistance to something new.

They say that awareness is the first step. But for me? It only agitates.

Perhaps that agitation turns into action, like a caterpillar who emerges a butterfly.

But perhaps it never does, and one struggles and withers within their so-called comfort zone.

And even writing these sentences is exhausting. Seriously. I would like to take a break and nap.

But if I don’t write, I am unable to achieve some sort of clarity.

They say that awareness is the first step.

I think it’s time that I make a list, to orchestrate the changes necessary so that I’m not so cloudy, withering, and comforted.

As they say, “Grey skies are gonna clear up.”

Have a good night, everyone.



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3 thoughts on “The Write Stuff.

  1. glenn147 says:

    I have been the same way, the past few months. To many things going on some major more minor…and the Clocks changing. I think that broke me out of my least I’m trying…New Blog…Have a Gr8 Week…

  2. Katie says:

    I get that way in winter sometimes. Maybe you’ve had enough! Now that you acknowledge that you are in a funk, maybe things will get better with the coming of a hopefully lovely spring. I hope.

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