Red Letter Day.

I got a rejection letter today from one of the places I submitted to about 8 months ago. I’m really not that upset, especially when I consider the fact that I haven’t submitted anything since then. Right now, my mind is preoccupied with other things, like the 5k I’m doing this weekend (RUNNING OFFICIALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A YEAR WHAT AND LET’S HOPE I DON’T DIE OK THANK YOU!), and the fact that I really want a cookie, and it’d be nice if I could find my tweezers because there’s this stray eyebrow hair that’s really pissing me off.

So. Yes.

I still think it’s a good thing, though. It’s as the great philosopher, Macklemore, once rapped, “Learn from that failure/Gain humility.” And – as it should be – it’s a reminder that I need to write more, so that I can get better, write stronger, become a millionaire. That’s the plan, anyway.

And, if we’re still not counting this as a significant day, well – at least we can say that Monday is almost over. Which is almost always a good thing. My Monday consisted of a long-ass work day, including a new hire who just decided he wasn’t going to show up, and now it’s going to finish up with Hulu watching and some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (you didn’t think I’d skip out on the cookies, did you?).

Have a great night, everyone. And though I’m probably saying this just to make myself feel better, never lose faith in your abilities. KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON.

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2 thoughts on “Red Letter Day.

  1. Heidie Makes says:

    thanks for the post was great to read your thoughts =)

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