Flight of the Navigator

I had a dream/I had a dream I was flying over all of us/There were so many pretty people/So many pretty faces/I talked to some birds/I fell in love again/And none of us ever ended/Everything just kept going and going and going/And even when you laughed you cried/And even when you were sad you were really happy/’Cause you were here/And I got to meet every star/Every planet/Everything that made me/And we all kissed/And became the same.” – Childish Gambino “Flight of the Navigator”

Cannot tell you how much I love that.

I was thinking to myself tonight that I should update this thing, but then remembered that my hard drive failed and I don’t even have my computer. Not to be deterred, I’m updating from my phone app (welcome to the 21st century, I guess?).

So here’s what’s what:

I’m trying to find a new apartment. I think I’ve found one, so now I just need everyone to chant “Ohmmmm” collectively, and maybe I’ll get it.

I will miss this apartment. I will not miss cryer mccryee upstairs, who just this evening screamed and pounded, “SARAH WHY ARE WE EVEN TALKING?!” That’s a good question. I was wondering the same.

Running is slow going. I can’t seem to make myself run more than two miles at a time, which is going to be a problem soon ’cause I got races. On the plus side, I’m running continuously. It’s weird and cool and painful. Whatevs. I wish I was a competitive rock climber instead. I mean, I might get stuck but at least I could take breaks! I’m all about breaks AS IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW.

Have a good night. I’m done with this phone updating thing.

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