An’ I caaannnt staaannem.


Not only do I love the movie above, but my life right now is as about as productive as trying to teach Lina Lamont how to talk properly (you just caaaaanttt).

Two people last night reminded me that I don’t write in here nearly often enough, and so here I am. One person asked me if I take classes at Second City still (I don’t – I think I like to try things out on a monthly basis just to say, HEY I DID THAT), and another was like, “HEY NONEXISTENT BLOGGER!” and I had to agree.

So, here we are. Often times I don’t write if I’m feeling extra whiny, but I guess the argument could be made that if I don’t write about things then they just stay and fester… like gingivitis. For your sake, I could have been more gross with that, but decided not to. But rest assured, I have some pretty disgusting images in my head right now. THANKS.

Here is a rundown of all of the things:

I work entirely too much. My company has gone through a major, MAJOR growth spurt. Good for business, but as B.I.G. predicted way back when, “Mo’ money, mo’ problems”. Bad for everyone who wasn’t prepared for it, which was… approximately… everyone. Lately I’ve been averaging six-day weeks and 12-hour+ days; some of that due to necessity, some of it due to poor time management on my part, and some of it due to my need to micromanage. I do realize it’s a benefit to me, but it’s stressing me the fuck out. My patience level is wearing thin with just about everything:

“How are you, today?” I’M FINE BUT YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE.


“We need to hire more people …No, wait. We don’t. No wait, we do. No, wait. … Do you have your schedule done yet?” MIND ‘ESPLODY.

Then I come home to my new apartment, which is very pretty but very small, and instead of my mind exploding, it’s like my stuff exploded. And I have little to no energy to deal with exploding stuff. Today, for example, I got home at 5 and went straight to bed. I was attempting to sleep, but I ended up just laying there for 3 hours, thinking about work and its problems, and how much shit I still have left to do (so. much. paper.).

Then I decided I was going to read a bit (I am, above all things, an excellent procrastinator). I got this book called “Racing Weight” to help me train at optimal performance for the marathon, and I figured out that optimally I want to be around 115, which made me laugh and then cry and then frantically search the book for the mention of a goddamn cheesecake. (I may have been skimming too fast, but I don’t think there was one. Sob.)

Speaking of, training is about a week in. I did my first long run on Sunday (4 miles) and it was alright. Little more humid than I would have liked (CALM THE FUCK DOWN, SUMMER – WE KNOW. YOU’RE HERE) but I had no major difficulties. I’m doing group workouts on Tuesdays, short runs on Thursdays and Saturdays, and some sort of cross-training on Wednesdays and Fridays (though what that will be remains to be seen). I’ve met a lot of cool new people this time around, and have been catching up with old running buddies which is nice (I’m not the most social person in the world, but so far so good… or maybe they haven’t realized the full extent of my crazy yet).

And now I need to go to bed, because sleep needs me, OKAY?



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