Doin it and doin it and doin it well

Now that I am on my second “weekend”, I find that they officially make me nervous. I’m not quite sure what to do with the space of time between Friday night and Monday morning.

Do I “make the most of it”? HELL NO.

I spent most of yesterday watching “Friends” on Netflix; I really thought I had seen more of the show than I have. I mean, generally, I know what happens, but apparently there’s A LOT to fill in 10 seasons (I’m on season 5, because when I commit to something [if it’s a TV show I want to watch!] I really commit).

Last night I discussed having more of a  “less thought, more action” plan with a friend of mine, gave some sort of motivational “carpe diem” speech in two sentences or less that didn’t register in either of our brains, and was in bed by midnight. It was glorious.

And then today, I DECIDED TO DO THINGS.

I woke up and discovered that my shower curtain + rod had fallen overnight. It took me less than an hour to figure out why it wouldn’t stay and to put it back up. Success (though – for me –  it doesn’t mean it won’t happen again, because… it probably will)!

Of course, lately, I feel as though random things are just deciding to quit just to see what I’ll do. The halogen bulb over the vanity fizzled out 4 days ago, and it took me for-fucking-ever to figure out how to fix it. I had to watch 17 YouTube videos, call three people for advice, and convince myself for at least a day that if I never got it, showering in the dark would be perfectly acceptable. I had to buy Phillips screwdrivers to get the cover for the bulb off of the bulb. Then, every time I tried to get the bulb out, I felt as though it would shatter and I would need protective eyewear for my glasses but would go blind anyway. And then the mercury would spill and I would wither and die. When I finally got it, I discovered I got the wrong replacement bulb, and just today switched them out.

To those of you who questioned if I did, in fact, wait three days to sort all of this out, I say, “Yup. Jesus also took three days to resurrect. Some shit is hard.”

And this was hard.

Especially if you’re like not-so-tall and your life is spent climbing on chairs and step stools and such, and standing up and being like, “Hmm, I wonder how sturdy this… Oh, it’s wobbling; tell my family I love them!”


And just in case you’re like, “Um, okay, so you fixed a fucking light bulb! PRODUCTIVITY WINS!”

I alsooooooo:

went to a yoga class, where I shook and ached, and will be back again because I bought a Livingsocial deal!

went grocery shopping and bought useless yet delicious things (some of which might be considered healthy! … definitely just some).

am about to do the dishes!


Have a nice night, all.




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