Runnin runnin and runnin runnin

I ran 2 miles today, and remembered why I hated running.

My lungs are screaming at me, still, 45 minutes later. Running tricks me into thinking that I am still a smoker, but I am not – and that’s why running is evil.

And do you know how sucky it is to be thinking, “Oh, I’m just running lalala… WHY IS THERE STILL SO MUCH RUN LEFT?”


I think I’ve known the joy of running approximately 5 times (might be an exaggeration). Today was not one of them, don’t you see? And, like, sure – I could “stick with it” and “get (maybe) faster” and cheer myself up with logic: “you’ve done it before, you’ll do it again, you’re just lazy and wish you were a size 6 by osmosis”…

… but I’m dealing with my brain! The worst nemesis of all!

Maybe even worse than running!!

… I need a hug.



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One thought on “Runnin runnin and runnin runnin

  1. martafrant says:

    oh I understand you so much…last summer I ran 3 miles every day….every day… I’ve just promised myself I could do it, I forced myself… and now when the stadium is still covered with snow, I even miss it, I miss my summer running 🙂

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