Louder Than Ever.

Sometimes, we forget what we got. Who we are. Oh, who we are not.” – Amos Lee

I’ve been spending the week in Austin visiting friends, on my favorite type of vacation – and that is one in which I do absolutely nothing unless I goddamn feel like it. It’s been working rather well, though inevitably such downtime leads to more writing. Not such a bad thing.

It helps, too, that my friend Lindsey is a graphic designer (check her out here! She’s ginger-haired awesomesauce!), and that means that we are working to revamp my blog. (Because of my constant desire to lose weight and my equally-competing desire to not do a damn thing about it, the finished product won’t probably be up ’til September, when I magically wish myself to feel-good-picture-size without [much] use of the Photoshop.)

But, all jokes aside, I’ve been feeling the creative buzz stirring again and I need to do something about it before Moses moves his staff again and all those Egyptian dudes drown in the Red Sea (such things don’t happen often, you know).

Although this summer is looking to be pretty busy (I’m reluctantly gearing myself up for another go at the marathon – I already know this is stupid because running and I are frenemies at best, but I will try), I am largely less-busy in other areas, which really hasn’t happened in… ever? So that means I’ll have SO MUCH TIME for the writing! And less weird first dates! (Let’s be real, here: any dates.)

Speaking of, I had this totally horrific nightmare last night in which I WAS GETTING MARRIED! … but not to anyone I knew, specifically. It was like, a family friend who was doing them a favor (and may have already been married to someone else)? And I wasn’t even prepared. Like, there was a dress that was gorgeous and in the dream I was like, “Hey, self, nice job on that dress,” but then I didn’t have shoes. And my mom was like, “Really, Amanda. Honestly. How could you not think of shoes?” And then there were shoes, these silver, glittered stripper-heeled things that I would have died in just by thinking about their mechanics. The dream ended before the actual marriage, thank Gawd.

So. All this tells you is that I am clearly not prepared for anything in life, but that I definitely should write about it anyway.

Have a good day. Be kind to yourselves. And make sure your family doesn’t owe anyone favors, lest you be shepherded off to someone else because of it.

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