A Fine Frenzy.

“Happy days are here again!” – a million people, covering this song over time.

You guys, SO many good things are in progress. Ready? Go!

  1. The Cubs did some serious mojo-jojo-magic in last night’s game and won the NLDS!
  2. I got a temp job and people spend their day telling me how wonderful I am! (This is true. I don’t know if it will last, but for now, it’s pretty great.)
  3. I looked through those bridal magazines I got and I saw some pretty dresses.
  4. I can’t fit into them, but mine eyes have seen the glory.
  5. I’m working out pretty regularly, though sometimes this means I’m just lying on the floor while the DVD is still playing, drowning in sweat and trying to will movement from my limbs.
  6. My parents gave me a spare coffee maker, so now I can make coffee the old-fashioned way! And I do this… like… four times a week!
  7. Paul and I have conversations that begin because my mind goes through 70 million topics a minute (I am trying to function at my normal level of anxiety, plus the added awesomeness of wedding planning), such as when I ask him: “What do you think about the bride and groom gift tradition?”  And he says, “What?” And I explain that we could buy each other a gift – it is a tradition, but it’s optional – so we could skip it, or we could do it and have pictures taken while the gifts are being opened, yadda, yadda. And he says, “Like… like a toaster?” (I mean… no, buuut, there are some pretty fancy toasters out there, if you think about it.) Or when I ask him: “What should our theme be?” And he says, “Theme,” after a beat, like he’s trying out the word for the first time. And we look at each other helplessly, because fuck if I know what a theme should be when it comes to the rest of our lives, and he regards all my questions re: wedding warily, as if I am a shapeshifter who should not be trusted.

I’m super exhausted. I need to go to bed. I’m running on endorphins and angst.

Have a good night, friends. Be kind to yourselves. Don’t run out and get anyone a toaster.



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One thought on “A Fine Frenzy.

  1. Krystal says:

    Glad you are having a positive experience at the temping job! You are wonderful and people should tell you that! 🙂
    For our wedding “gifts” to each other, I did some fun boudoir photos and compiled them in a fancy book for Marc and he bought be and carried into the house our used piano he found at an antique store. I think I definitely received the better gift, lol!
    Our next big gift to each other after we were married was: The gift of never buying gifts for each other again, because we’re married and it’s all the same money anyway. Yay!

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