I skipped November.

“Only mediocrity is sure of itself.” – Paulo Coelho

Yes, I skipped November, much like (I imagine) some of the rest of the world wanted to. But I really had nothing to write that was positive or worthwhile; the last good day was when the Cubs won the World Series, and after that… well, we know what happened after that.

And while I won’t share with you the doomsday scenarios that run rampant in my head (they are plentiful and robust) – they don’t do ME any good, so surely they won’t serve you well either – I know that now, more than ever, the boiled-over ugliness in the world will need to be met with kindness, goodness, and a love for each other that usually only celebrities reserve for red-carpet events, in full view of the cameraaaahs.

Annnd I am not a celebrity, so I need to work extra hard, because this depression has been working even harder overtime, which leads to inaction, which leads to hiding and not posting for a whole month. You feel me?

Hm. Um. What can I write about that is a doubleplusgood?

Well, there was last night, when I tried a New Glarus beer for the first time and it was amazing. I don’t know if I was even destined to partake in it, because it was a beer that I found in a fridge, and NOT a beer that was in the coolers around the fridge. Maybe it was an option on the secret menu. I’m not sure, I was trying not to be obvious when stuffing food into my face and then taking ALL the sugar that was laid out before me. I was at an event with my pre-husband, in which there were many beers and after stilted, awkward conversation with some people (plus many side-whispers from me to him, saying, “ummm have we filled the quota? Too many people. Can I sleep in the car?”), we got a pointsetta and some nuts as favors.

(Sometimes, I too, have to wonder if this is real life.)

Have a good day, friends. Be kind to yourselves (and each other!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s an order from your commander. OH I SAW HAMILTON AND IT WAS GREAT).

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