“In the shadows of tall buildings, of fallen angels on the ceilings. Oily feathers in bronze and concrete, faded colors – pieces left incomplete. The line moves slowly past the electric fence, across the borders – between continents. In the cathedrals of New York and Rome, there is a feeling that you should just go home – and spend a lifetime finding out just where that is.” – Jump, Little Children

Currently spending a lazy Monday afternoon at home (Happy New Year!) trying to find the motivation to do anything… or everything…

So far I’ve watched two more episodes of this show called Travelers on Netflix, about a group of individuals who come to the 21st century from the future to save humanity. You know, like people from the future tend to do.

Oh, I’m also trying to reread the Harry Potter series. I’m on Prisoner of Azkaban, currently – the last book of the series I read in its entirety. I read the first book the other day and would have read the second one but it was out at the library (that’s how I do things now). So I Wikipedia’d that shit as a refresher course and I’m on track now.

I also did twenty minutes of this Pilates DVD that I bought like… 10 years ago? and it was terrible. I’m lucky I didn’t break my neck. I probably did. I just haven’t figured it out yet. I used this stretchy band thing (probs not correctly) and where the ladies on the video were like, “YEAHHH THIS IS GREAT!” I was hitting myself in the face with a stretchy band. Just once I’d like to see a fitness endeavor where the people on the video struggle just as much as the people at home. I’m not sure it would be a great seller, but I sure would appreciate the solidarity.

Speaking of 10 years ago, I got invited to my college reunion via the Facebook. Because 10 years ago, I fucking graduated and Facebook (I believe?) was still just a college network thing. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

However, instead of falling into the usual spiral of but I’ve done nothing (because I feel it coming, and it’s heavy and soul-crushing), I’mma be like, but I’ve done some things and maybe I’ll even endeavor to do something else.

Keeps shit nice and vague in order to stay low key. That’s me – could do more, eh, maybe later.

And besides, who has time to dwell on their life paths when they’re also planning a wedding? I MEAN, REALLY. (So, like, obvs I did something right. 😉 )

Although every day I do find out something new about my pre-husband. Like for the past couple days, he’s been sick and all of my brain storage that’s devoted to the subject of curing illness was NO GOOD to the man. No tea (“Why would I want to drink leaves?”), no soup (“Soup is the worst.”), no steam to help with congestion. I finally got him to drink orange juice and Gatorade (“It has electrolytes,” I told him. “For energy.” “Babe,” he said. “Do you even know what electrolytes are?” “ENERGY.” I had to shut that conversation down before the questions got too hard.)

I also found out he was taking NyQuil instead of DayQuil (his reasoning: “Why would they make NyQuil GREEN? GREEN MEANS GO.” Well, uh. Okay). There are things in this life we will just never know!

So, here’s to another year of experiences – whatever I might make of them.

Have a good day (and try a good year?), friends. Be kind to yourselves.

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