calling a podcast, again.

I’m getting dangerously close to forgetting about writing these blogs. As in, I was in bed and then remembered and now am out of bed to write a few measly sentences.

Tried AGAIN to do the live taping of Beautiful/Anonymous and wasn’t chosen.

I’ll make it someday.

It’s amazing how much drive I have for useless things, but when it comes to like, actually accomplishing something fucking worthwhile I’m like, “Oh…maybe next life.”

But today I was all B/A-driven, getting out of bed to write posts-driven, oh – and let’s not forget – scrounging around for actual cash (I rarely carry cash on me) for my apartment complex’s pizza and Girl Scout Cookie night. (We made it – got a pepperoni pizza and a box of Thin Mints.)

My GSA cookie preference is as follows:

Thin Mints then Samoas then Dosidos then Tagalongs.

I am of the belief that the Shortbread cookies are fucking worthless. They shouldn’t even be a cookie.

So, yes, we got the Thin Mints AND THEN I got the email that said that not only could you use credit for the cookies but they also had a SMORE cookie!

I did not go back and get more cookies, because 1) I was lazy and 2) that’s really my only reason.

Maybe I’m not as driven as I thought.

Have a good night, friends. Be kind to yourselves.

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