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this machine will not communicate these thoughts and the strain i am under.

Before we get into the things, I just want to say that I googled to check my Radiohead-title-lyric reference and this is what came up. I am scared for the earth.

I think Radiohead’s Street Spirit (Fade Out) is quite possibly my favorite Radiohead song. Might just be the guitar. I don’t really know. I just get all the feels.

Today’s been a weird day. I’ve been trying to get up like a normal person at a reasonable hour but I only slept from 1:30-5:30 (which is normal for me, and then it’s hard to get up and then it’s hard to focus because my default state is mind-numbingly tired).

So today I did that, just stayed awake, made a lot of coffee, took a nap from 3-6:30, can’t even tell you if  I got anything else of consequence done. I’m sure I did. I just didn’t have enough coffee in order to tell you if I did.

My body, my brain – they just all need a reset.

Also I think the fact that I make so much coffee and then don’t drink it all is an apt metaphor for my life. Like, why not just make the amount I’m going to drink?

It’s because I have aspirations, friends. I may not act on them. But I have them.

But probably it’d be better (more manageable) to, like, not do that thing.

I’m going to ponder this over more sleep.

Goodnight – be kind to yourselves.



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