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Dungeons and Dragons is just that game from Community, right?

The above scene is from Community, a show I started watching years ago but never finished.

Paul is currently at his Sunday-night D&D game, which he comes home and tells me about but I don’t understand (edited to add tonight’s recap which I’ll sum up as: “But we didn’t kill the dragon.”).

But I support this endeavor because I got him his very own dice for Christmas! But really, all I know of the game I learned from this show right here.

(Okay, whatever, he told me to get them for him. But they’re jade green and amazingly pretty SO…)

I’m glad that he’s branching out and doing things and meeting up with people. I always tell myself I should do this too (not sure I’d get into the D&D scene, but… you know, something different… like, uh, a sarcasm group or … this is why I don’t meet up with people).

I don’t make friends easily. I have it in my head that I am awful and awkward and that my face is awkward (regardless of whether or not it is true), and new situations frighten me. That’s part of why I love the freelancing life. I can type or talk on the phone and rarely have to meet people in person. Ahhh, so great.

Interestingly, because of this freelance thing I’ve actually had to meet people in person. And it never goes as poorly as I think it will. TAKE THAT, AMANDA’S BRAIN.

Although it does remind me of Paul’s and my second date, where we went out for pizza. And I was hungry as fuck so I’m just chowing down, right? It took me like a whole two minutes to stop, look at him, and say, “I’m sorry. I’m eating as though I’m by myself right now,” and tried to eat respectfully after that, like a human.

Okay, I’ve got more bloggity blogs to write that aren’t this one. Have a good night, friends.

Be kind to yourselves.

And go watch Community (but only the good episodes).

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