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trompe l’oeil

Sometimes things aren’t always as they seem:

Robots gain consciousness. (I’ve been listening to the Westworld soundtrack all day on Spotify; so good!)

Your Instant Pot is no longer an Instant Pot because it melts.

People envy you because they think you have your life oh-so-together when you really (REALLY) don’t.

… oh, and then there’s the whole second amendment “don’t take my guns!” issue where people are really (REALLY) dying, and like other people don’t seem to fucking get it. I don’t really often get into politics because it hurts my fucking brain to do so, but I’ve been so sad lately over this and how it continues to happen.

Seems pretty reasonable to me that no lawful gun owner has a real need for an AR-15. Many of them said, “Oh, I just like the way it shoots. It’s fun.”

Probs what shooters thought as they were decimating kids who were just trying to go to school that day. Or the movies. Or the nightclub. Or anywhere else, really.

So yes, we can talk about mental health reform because that’s needed. But you know what else is needed? Gun reform. That’s needed. You wanna protect your country? Use an AR-15. You wanna protect your family and your house? Get a fucking alarm system. Call the police.

You wanna protect our schools? Don’t give fucking teachers guns. That only exacerbates the issue. People are going to die from misuse or malintent. The minute a teacher shoots someone by accident, how well will that go over?

I invite you to read these articles:

“Fuck you, I like guns.”

What I Saw Treating the Victims From Parkland Should Change the Debate on Guns

Spoiler alert: you can’t really treat someone if their insides have been shredded by an AR-15 bullet.

It’s encouraging that the kids of Parkland are standing up and doing what adults have refused to do thus far. Politicians do a lot of grandstanding, always, and that joke in the office of what used to be respected certainly isn’t helping (being a decent human being doesn’t get you ratings, you know). The United States used to have a heart. It does no longer.

Ugh. Angry. Sad. Tired.

Be safe. Gnight.

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