Oops. I did it again.

No, Brit-Brits, not the song.

I read the wrong date again and so I skipped one and yadda yadda and obviously I’m handling it a bit better than the last time I did it (breath) obviously.

So today was supposed to be about deadlines (I just want to say one thing here, and that is that I DO meet deadlines. I just procrastinate a lot.), and yesterday was supposed to be about accepting change.

“…change is inevitable, and desirable,” Beattie writes. I think I have a resistance to it, but I’m going to try and let that guard down and see what happens. The thought of it sort of strikes me as that scene in Pocahontas where she’s going with the colors of the wind. I only vaguely remember it as I think only 2% of the population actually liked that Disney movie. I wasn’t one of them.

I’m still stuck in habitual behaviors from time to time, and sometimes I don’t even realize I’m doing something that I’ve told myself to change.

Ah, well. Practice makes perfect, right?

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